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Need help signing up for health insurance?

Citizen Power has become a Certified Application Counselor (CAC) and can provide free assistance to people trying to enroll in the "Obamacare" health insurance Exchange. We can provide you with information about what is available to you in terms of insurance options (including Medicaid, CHIP, and non-Exchange policies) and possible subsidies that you may qualify for in the Exchange. We can help you understand how health insurance works. And while we may not be able to solve the website's "glitches," we do our best to help you with the website as well as help you with mail or telephone applications. And of course, this service is completely free. Click here for more details.

Pennsylvania's New Health Insurance Landscape: PPACA and its Impact on Regulation

Citizen Power has released a major study of the health insurance changes that are coming to Pennsylvania and what our policy makers can do to remedy the current situation in which millions either do not have health insurance or are being financially drained by health care costs. An electronic version of the study is available here.

At last...
A clean, renewable, affordable electricity choice is available to Pennsylvania homes and businesses.

Citizen Power's Green Energy Collaborative program has teamed up with TriEagle Energy to offer the Green Eagle 100% Pennsylvania Wind Plan for Duquesne Light, West Penn, PECO, Penelec, MetEd, and PP&L customers. We offer low fixed rate plans, so no worries of fluctuating pricing.

Join our 1000+ Green Energy Collaborative members who have switched to our low cost 100% PA Wind Electricity Plan and are helping to support the use of two wind turbines. Regionally produced wind electricity is good for our environment and for building a sustainable energy industry.

Make a difference.Make the switch!

Join the GEC

Citizen Power, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Pittsburgh, has teamed up with TriEagle Energy to put together a unique electricity plan that combines a low fixed price with support for wind power. Join Citizen Power's Green Energy Collaborative and switch to TriEagle Energy's 100% renewable wind electricity plan. Joining is quick and easy, and it's free. There are no membership dues. Just click below to view current electricity prices, and if you like what you see then proceed to sign up. It's that simple.


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We are now offering TriEagle's 100% wind "Green Eagle" electricity to commercial account holders in the Duquesne Light, PPL, PECO, West Penn, Penelec, and MetEd service territories. Click here for details. Customers enrolled in the Customer Assistance Program (CAP) cannot choose another energy supplier without losing CAP eligibility. Please contact your electricity distribution company for more details.

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